The AACI is started in the year September 2008 at Kolkata with the thought that there must be Indian NGO who can serve the down trodden society through Indian governing body, not like other international NGO .and serve in other countries. Through our Indian soul. It is first NGO Indian originated.

With this aim many people join and now it is fastest growing organisation with 27000 members through 1800 clubs in India and 20 other countries, in short span of time only 9 years.

The Head Quater is Located at A - 383, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi 110044

We are doing community base projects, monthly we are organising blood donation camp, free health check-up camp, free eye operation camp. Provide mid-day meal to schools, free education books and copies.

We have four permanent projects 1. Orphanage home 2. Old age home 3. Cancer care re habitation centre /in later stage to make cancer hospital 4. T.B hospital at Karachi, Pakistan Other projects are in pipe line opening computer centre for the poor children


The Past International Presidents of board are as below -:

  • Ally Dr. T.P Gandhi
  • Ally Dr. Santhamma
  • Ally Anup Mittal
  • Ally Dr. Capt.Kuldip Singh
  • Ally B.T Raju
  • Ally koduri ranga rao


The International Vice Presidents of board are as below -:

  • Ally M.P.S. Bharaj
  • Developing Correct Strategy
  • Ally CA Ramesh Nagar
  • Work Methodologies
  • Ally Avinash Chander Ohri


Every month we are printing monthly magazine which give the picture of service activities in different part of India and abroad.

Our international logo is self-explanatory

Our motto is “serve and care”


Our association have a strong foundation to augment the needs in distress condition in any place of the world. Any member or outsider can contribute 10,000/- rupees to become a member in this foundation. The foundation will also give the grants to various permanent projects started by any Club / District / International.


Fellowship Acts as the foundation to the motive of socialization, Hence giving ample opportunities to be associated with people at large.

Association of Alliance Clubs International provides the platform of fellowship where each of its members have the opportunity to meet face to face, Interact with people with like minded interests, which further promotes growth and comaraderie. Eventually leading to a Healthy organization.


  • Bringing Mankind together for a specific purpose, be it social or charitable.
  • Merge the Efforts and Interests of individuals for the betterment of humanity.
  • Create a league that suggests a close combination with a definite purpose of service.
  • Promote positive vibrations of being a good citizen.
  • Create a powerful bond between the nations of the world irrespective of class, color or creed.
  • Formally agree to establish an Organization which fosters an International treaty of friendship.
  • Work towards becoming an allied Organization for Mutual benefits of all without any personal or finanncial award.
  • Encourage people in and beyond our community to be a part of the organization through fellowship and services.