We all know that if a tank is leaking whole liquid comes out. If we repair that leakage liquid maintained in vessel, so is with membership of Clubs. If we loose our membership then the extension will not successful. So to make our Association of Alliance Clubs International in good strength then we have to make more and more members as well as to keep them active.

Dear Members and all Officers, I am thankful to all leaders and members who elected me as president of Association of Alliance Clubs International. We will work all together. Our NGO requires that there should be excellent membership. This year keep old members Intact. Work is not hard but we should give our time to our NGO with dedication and it should be done all together. If one member adds one member in a year we can be doubled and if we add two it make triple


Alliance Clubs International

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  • 2nd Feb 2020 South Multiple convention
  • 19th Feb 2020 North Multiple convention
  • The international convention is now at GOA from
  • 29th Feb. 2020 to 3rd March 2020