President's Message

We all know that if a tank is leaking whole liquid comes out. If we repair that leakage liquid maintained in vessel, so is with membership of Clubs. If we loose our membership then the extension will not successful. So to make our Association of Alliance Clubs International in good strength then we have to make more and more members as well as to keep them active.

Dear Members and all Officers,

I am thankful to all leaders and members who elected me as president of Association of Alliance Clubs International. We will work all together. Our NGO requires that there should be excellent membership. This year keep old members Intact. Work is not hard but we should give our time to our NGO with dedication and it should be done all together. If one member adds one member in a year we can be doubled and if we add two it make triple. In this year to improve our NGO image hard work is essential for membership growth and retention. In my program I, have stressed to increase the membership and Clubs, for this we have to go among rural population which is 75% of our Nation. Our NGO is SWADESHI having minimum membership charges, so this is easier. We should go to villages where very big scope for increasing membership. For youth we should have contacts with schools, colleges /university etc. We should also sponsor to Doctors, nursing homes having good number of nursing staff, can make Clubs & members. They are also very useful as our health activities .They are also good donor and financially strong. Individually we can make member to our spouse, brother, sister & their spouses, friends, relatives and neighbours. It is very easy to make them member as they know our NGO. We should also make members; cream of society like educationist, Doctor’s, Engineers, CA, Industrialist, Social workers etc.

For this we have to take pain and only it is one hour job for one member to make one member. It is possible if we have worked combindly. If we do more and more social activities which improve our image causing increasing membership in the society very easily. Sponsorers should keep them active install well, and give knowledge about our NGO. We should stress for big Clubs & big Districts, more Clubs and Districts are not required. In meetings and programs if large number of members are present it looks nice to others also to attract them like Lions, Rotarians and other NGOs. For increasing the membership we should go door to door, village to village, wards to wards and cities as well.

Regarding service activities of forthcoming month, 7 th April is World Health Day; we should do Health Cum Awareness Camps to control diseases & health education at all levels. Dr. Ambedkar has given us lesson of equality. We should do seminar and meeting with lower section of society.9 th May is birth day of PIP Koduri Ranga Rao who is a great donor of the society ; To honor him we should celebrate the day doing activities of donation to poor persons. Our pilot project is Cancer Project. We should do hard work for construction of building of cancer Hospital as well as awareness program to protect cancer by educating people to not use tobacco and tobacco products which is main cause of cancer and mortality.




Dr. Dayashankar Jangid International President